Viva Las vSAN – VMworld 3 day count down


Viva Las vSAN Stickers VMworld 2018

I used to think that it was not proper to deface your computer with decals handed out around conferences, but now I realize my Mom was wrong and it is OK to play with stickers even as an adult. I think stickers are a way for me to remember where I have been and show to others what I am interested in. I wanted to have a try at something that is a little more personal to those that know me and have given me a hard time for the last couple years about a slight resemblance to Elvis. I figured I would just own it and make some Elvis vSAN stickers as it seemed fitting for a VMworld that takes place in Las Vegas.

I am passionate about vSAN and know it to be the best option in a growing list of hyper-converged storage. vSAN is built into the hypervisor so you don’t need to deploy any storage controller VM’s like in the case with most other options and it truly is the easy button to deploy and manage as it is all configured and managed through vCenter.

If you see some guy walking around VMworld that has a slight resemblance to Elvis feel free you yell out “Viva Las vSAN” to see if it’s me and claim your sticker.  I am also happy to stop and talk vSAN if it’s something you are just considering getting into or if you want to show me your vSAN tattoo.  Maybe you’re not into Elvis vSAN stickers, but just want hang then hit me up on twitter and I will let you know where to find me.



Surface Pro 3

When it comes to what I take with me to trainings and conventions it is this older Surface Pro 3.  I find the battery sufficient for a few sessions a day and when I need to stop to work for a bit longer there are always plenty of chances to plug in around the venue.  It travels well and is light enough to pack around all week.   I take notes on each breakout session in OneNote, so that I have a way to recall the large amount of new info I receive at VMworld every year and to review afterwards to pick out what I find most import to share with clients and team after I return home.

I also figured talking about my convention rig would give me a chance to share a pic of it!


Looking forward to seeing all of you at VMworld and am attempting to be a bit more social this year than I have in years past.

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